2nd Transnational project meeting Leuven 16.05.-17.05.2019

The 2nd transnational project meeting was held successfully at Leuven 16.05.-17.05.2019. 

The main topics covered were:

  • General organizational issues and social media strategy
  • O2 - Presentation and collaborative testing of the prototypes of the Entrepreneur Monitoring APP, definition of the aspects relevant for final implemetation; 
  • O3 - Start of the development of the Design tool for teaching sustainable entrepreneurship in Life Sciences and definition of the two scenarios of the situational context tests; 
  • O4 - Plans for implementing the Staff development module as regular offer within the staff training at partner universities; 
  • O5 - Discussion of the initial status of collected course elements launched in M7 and the elements of good practice in SE education.